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Top 5 Weight Loss Tips

1. Lower Your Sugar Intake
Sugar is highly addictive. Eating sugar sends signals to the brain to eat more sugar. Sugar is present in many foods. If you are unsure as to which foods contain sugar, the general rule to follow is that if the food you are eating tastes sweet, it's highly likely to contain sugar. Aim for no more than 20g daily and ultimately make it your goal to have zero sugar daily. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will lose weight and enjoy the many other benefits associated with low to no sugar intake. Eating carbohydrates (that do not contain sugar), fats and protein sends signals to the brain when you are full. Eating sugar does not send the same signal so if you want to feel full and live a healthier life, you need to drop your sugar intake immediately.

2. Drink Plenty of Fluid
Keeping hydrated is one of the keys to weight loss. Hunger can often be a sign of dehydration. When we are dehydrated we are often lethargic. How much fluid is enough? This is dependent on individual requirements; body mass, gender, lean tissue on your body, exercise, environment etc. Keep it simple by drinking fluids regularly and ensuring that by midday your toilet visits are clearer rather than darker. Fluids should include water, mineral water, soda water and most tea (sugar free), with coffee and caffeine kept to a minimum.

3. Keep Occupied
Have you ever noticed that during the day whilst you are occupied it is less likely that you will eat excessive foods or eat the wrong kind of foods. Most people that consume too many calories or the wrong kind of calories do so as a habit at certain times of the day. If you are aware of this, try to do something you enjoy or keep occupied during this period. If all else fails reach for foods that do not contain sugar. Keeping occupied means that you are far less likely to eat when you shouldn't be eating anyway.   

4. Don’t Starve Yourself
If you are physically hungry and your stomach is reminding you, then it's important to eat. Losing weight is just as much about eating the correct food as it is about avoiding incorrect foods and eating excessively.  Starving yourself is not sustainable and your body will actually hold onto calories. When we do not feed ourselves, the body actually thinks it is shutting down so it kicks into survival mode and slows down your metabolic rate. It's important to eat when you are hungry but be selective with your choices. Eat slowly and allow your body the opportunity to register that it is full. Remember to avoid sugars. 

5. Set Goals and Keep Focused
Although these 5 tips are about weight loss, it's important to be able to monitor your results more so by the clothes you are wearing and the way you look in the mirror. Scales are often a poor indicator that you have lost weight. This is because the body tends to retain lean tissue when fed correctly and whilst doing so it has the ability to burn fat. Your scales do not know the difference between fat and lean tissue/muscle therefore results will be more noticeable in your clothes and in the mirror. The waist, hips, thighs and butt are generally the areas where most of us tend to hold excessive weight. If your clothes are a better fit in these areas, or they are getting loose in these areas, it is highly probable that you are losing fat. The mirror will then confirm this for you. Scales are not the best measure of weight loss so don't allow them to rule your weight loss journey!!! Stay focused, apply yourself and it will come together for you. Don't give up! Failure today will be tomorrow's success!!!

Information in this article is provided by Eddy TANNOURJI, 7 times Australian Athletic Physique Champion and trainer of in excess of 200 athletes. Eddy has owned his own gymnasium for over 7 years, instructed Victoria Police members for over 5 years and is the Managing Director of Next Generation Supplements.


Top 5 Weight Gain Tips

Can you eat just about anything and plenty of it without putting on weight? Has this been frustrating you for some time? Is your metabolism so quick that your body burns up everything you put into it and does it so quickly that you find yourself always hungry?

Can anyone help you or have you been fighting a losing battle?

Weight gain, for those who struggle to put on weight, is not as easy as many people think. There are a few golden rules that must be followed and followed consistently. Putting on weight for many people means eating extra food and doing less activity, however, the correct food will put on the correct quality weight (muscle) whilst  incorrect foods can sabotage and work against your weight gain goals. The exact same applies to exercise. So if you’re serious about putting on weight then the rules below need to be followed. Remember, weight gain is a slow and steady goal. If you are putting weight on at a fast rate, it is unlikely that you are putting on quality weight (lean muscle); that gain is most likely to be fat or fluid. Fat or fluid is not exactly what most people are aiming for. Be patient, stick to these five simple rules and not only will you attain maximum benefit out of your weight gain journey, but you will also notice that your strength and energy will also benefit.

Step 1 - Stop or Minimise Aerobic Output
Aerobic output relates to the amount of activity you do that raises your heart rate or has you gasping for air. Many of you will realise that it is going to be very difficult to achieve if the main reason you are trying to gain weight (apart from personal reasons) is as a result of a sport that you play and a desire to be bigger, stronger and faster. If your aim is to put on weight for the specific sport that you love participating in, then you need to consider not doing any other activity (in addition to the sport you are involved in) that requires too much energy. For example, if you play football and want to get bigger and stronger but train twice a week and then play a match once a week, then that should be the limit to your exercise regime as far as getting your heart rate up is concerned. There are other exercises you will need to consider in order to put on weight however they do not include the following:

Running moderate to long distances, swimming, bike riding, playing intense games such as squash, tennis, basketball, or anything that is going to raise your heart rate to a moderate to high level and keep it there for longer than a few minutes. On the other hand, bowling, chess, darts or archery are fine.

Step 2 - Understand Why You Are Not Putting On Weight
It is likely that your body is extremely efficient at burning calories. This means that when others are training with weights for hours on end to put weight and muscle on, YOU HAVE TO DO THE OPPOSITE. Yes that’s correct, the opposite. People who have a quick metabolism have a body that is very efficient at burning calories and they burn calories at a much faster rate than the average person without a quick metabolism. If you try to spend too much time in the gym in an effort to gain weight (muscle) your body will simply burn more and more calories and you may in fact lose weight. Actually, it is highly likely you will lose weight and get even leaner. Performing activity for short periods with maximum intensity, as opposed to long drawn out physical activity, suits your body best for weight gain. You will commence putting on weight on with this in mind alone. In order to gain weight you need to perform certain exercises in the gym, over a certain period of time and we will discuss that next.

Step 3 - Best Exercises for Weight Gain
OK, you now understand a little about how your metabolism works, and that you are most likely classified as an ectomorph (long limbs and thin). One of the only effective methods of exercise to gain weight is resistance training (weight training). Keeping in mind that your body is efficient at burning calories and too much exercise will lead to weight loss, here are some key points to exercising in the gym:

- Spend no longer than 20-25 minutes on actual training time. Once you start, do not stop until you have finished your workout

- Select 2-3 of the following exercises and train 2 days a week. Day 1 could be Monday and day 2 preferably Thursday. You spread the days out for maximum recovery which will give you the best possible chance of achieving your goal weight. Monday could be upper body day.

Perform these types of exercises: Bench press, lat. pull downs, shoulder press, chin ups and dips. Select 2-3 of these exercises and have a 2-3 minute rest between sets with 3-4 sets per exercise. So for example start with bench press for 4 sets with 2-3 minute rest between sets (aim for 6-12 reps per set) and then lat. pull downs for another 4 sets with the same rep range and same rest between sets. These two exercises would be the only 2 exercises you would need to perform until you go back to the gym on Thursday.

Thursday would then be lower body day. Perform these types of exercises: Deadlifts, squats, leg press, lunges, stiff leg deadlifts, kettle bell swings. These exercises would follow the same reps and sets as Monday. As an example, squats and deadlifts for 4 sets each would cover it.

- Avoid these exercises completely in your goal to weight gain: Bicep curls, tricep pushdowns or any isolated (specific exercise) that concentrates on these two muscle groups. Avoid calf raises, forearm curls or any other exercises that concentrates directly on these two muscles groups.

Step 4 - Consider the Importance of Rest and Recovery for Your Body Type
As mentioned your body is efficient at burning calories which also means that your body will burn more calories quicker than the average person that does not have a your super-fast metabolism. Rest and recovery is the most important aspect of weight gain. This is why it is so important for you to train only twice a week and for only 20-25 minutes at a time. If you ignore this very important point YOU WILL NOT GAIN WEIGHT. WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!!

Step 5 - Proper Nutrition for Effective, Quality Weight Gain
If you do not eat accordingly you will not be providing the correct fuel for your tank (your body) to gain weight so eating sugars which provide little to no nutritional benefit will work against you. The following foods can and should be eaten on a regular basis:

- Fats: Not only high in calories, but fats also help to keep you fuller for longer. Fats are the most effective calorie dense energy-providing nutrient available and should therefore be included in every meal.  All meat has fat in it. Select cuts that are not as lean. Chicken thighs over chicken breasts and pork with crackle and fat instead of lean cuts of pork. Get the picture? Always include yolks in your eggs and keep the skin on the meat you are eating. Not only do these types of meats have a moderate to high percentage of fat, but they are also high in protein, another very important muscle building block which will contribute significantly to your weight gain. Adding in avocado, peanut butter and olive oil, as some examples, are also an excellent way to increase your fat intake daily. 30-40% of your daily food intake should come from fats.

- Proteins: As you would probably be aware, without enough protein you simply will not recover properly and therefore will not be able to put on weight. Meats once again are the best form of protein to consume. This is because similar to protein powder, meat is a complete protein and contains all of the essential amino acids your body requires to recover and grow. Although not quite as effective as protein powders, meat does contain fat which is most important for anyone serious about putting on weight. Protein powders, creatine monohydrate and BCAAs are all of assistance but should be used to supplement your food intake. Food is the first and foremost important consideration, and then supplements, to ensure you have consumed enough calories to increase your bodyweight. 40-50% of your daily food intake should come from protein.

- Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy to our bodies. There are a number of functions that require carbohydrates however if you have not eaten carbohydrates your body will break down fats and proteins and utilise them as carbohydrates. As your goal is to put on weight, your carbohydrate content should also be decent but nowhere near as high as fats and protein. Potatoes, rice, grains such as quinoa and amaranth are excellent options. If pasta and bread agrees with you, then include these as well. 10-20% of your daily food intake should come from carbohydrates.

There you have it; the 5 most important steps to gain weight
. If you follow these tips even the person with the fastest metabolism will achieve results. Just keep in mind that you want to put on quality weight and that your weight gain journey will take time. If you put 2kgs on in your first 2 months and then 1kg every second month, you are making great progress and before you know it, you will be 6-8kgs heavier by the end of the year. Remember that your body is efficient at burning calories which means that the weight you put on will mostly be lean muscle and this will mean that you will get stronger, faster and bigger. To ensure results don’t skimp on any of the 5 steps above. They are all just as important as each another.

Information in this article is provided by Eddy TANNOURJI, 7 times Australian athletic physique champion and trainer of in excess of 200 athletes. Eddy has owned his own gymnasium for over 7 years, instructed Victoria Police members for over 5 years and is the Managing Director of Next generation Supplements.



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