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HYDRO-ISO is a specifically designed high percentage protein powder processed by a special cross filtration process then enzymatically hydrolyzed to…

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Delicious tasting Extremely low carbohydrate content per bar


Finally a supplement range that isn't full of empty promises

Look around any gym or health food store and you'll see the same thing. One supplement after the other. Problem is, while these supplements promise plenty, most deliver little. Next Generation Supplements have a distinct advantage.

What makes us different?
They actually work!

We took our time. We did our research. We spoke to athletes from all backgrounds, all shapes, all sizes and genders. From the research, the final products were then created, trialed again and then completed and released.

After five years of development, our range boasts an array of products, all of which have been designed to complement and work with each other. As a result, what has emerged is a product line unlike any other. A product line designed with consideration to the different fitness goals of different individuals. Be a body builder, trained athlete or person seeking enhanced health and well-being, Next Generation Supplements has the package that suits your needs. It all adds up to the most comprehensive and effective sports and nutritional supplement range available.



Latest News

This is a GAME CHANGER!!!

ACHIEVA Women's Trimming and Toning Whey Protein Formula is here!

With fat burning complex, ultra low levels of fat and sugar and containing 20 grams of protein per serve. Sweetened with Stevia and fortified with alkaline, this is an Australian first featuring heat stable Probiotic Ganeden BC30®. Available in chocolate or vanilla flavours and in two sizes; 700g and 350g


If you have tried COMBUST you will know that this delicious tasting pre-workout is highly effective and packs a nice punch when you really need it! Now with added caffeine (only 39.6 mg per serve), it provides that little bit extra for the hard core trainer to get you fired up before your workout.


Now there's an even better reason to LOVE OUR BALLS!
Introducing our NEW Megalow Choc Nut Balls.
If you enjoy our Choc Cherry and Choc Mint  flavours, you are going to LOVE our Choc Nut flavour. Sweetened with stevia, these delicious bites are low in carbs and high in protein. Try them today!


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