Commencing operations in 2004, Next Generation Supplements (NGS) was founded by Eddy Tannourji, a former policeman and gym owner. Involved in the health and wellness industry from a young age, Eddy’s passion has always been to provide nutrition tips and programs to individuals seeking wellness goals. Gravitating towards health and wellness in his work environment, Eddy rapidly became the authority for anything nutrition-related. His employment role evolved into advising, instructing and programming for Victoria Police, and assisting operational police members as an internal instructor.

In 1994, with his partner and wife, Eddy opened The Edwardes Lake Fitness Club, in Reservoir Melbourne, not far from his employment location. Here he extended his knowledge base with anecdotal experience in the area of nutrition and supplement programming for elite athletes. Training over 300 athletes during his 8 years as owner/operator at his own facility, Eddy also became a well-established Athletic Physique state and multi-national winner, with 4 top placings at world level. Still competing today at age 48, Eddy’s passion is as pronounced as ever.

Aware of fast-paced living and the lack of nutrients in current food processing, Eddy paved the way for his passion spending 4 years developing, learning and researching supplementation. In 2004, Next Generation Supplements(NGS) was introduced into the Australian market with a focus on quality Australian-made products with raw ingredients sourced predominantly from Australia and New Zealand.

Today NGS services over 450 retail locations, gymnasiums, studios and wellness centres along with over 400+ pharmacy locations Australia-wide. With government contracts and exports to Asia, Eddy’s vision has now been extended; to be the most diverse supplement company in Australia. Currently NGS manufactures and distributes products ranging from protein powders (sourced from Murray Goulbourn, Victoria and Fonterra New Zealand), to vegetarian capsules and powders including Pure Organic Certified Turmeric powder. With ongoing product development, Next Generation Supplements continues to progress in the market place. It is 100% Australian-owned, products are predominantly Australian-made and the company is reputable for its green and clean living and manufacturing standards.


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