Carbs! What you may not know about carbs, and how to avoid eating excessive amounts.

If you have downloaded the Achieva  weight management plan you will have already noted that the focus in the Achieva plan is on lowering your carb intake and significantly lowering your sugar levels. Accompanied by the increase in protein with fibre not be neglected (Hence the plan encourages an abundance of salads and vegetables). The Achieva plan is primarily based on scientific evidence. To support this evidence anecdotally just ask anyone you know who has lost weight and gained back their health, most if not all will tell you they dropped their carbs and increased their protein and fibre with moderate fats.

Cutting carbs will provide you with significant results and quickly! Study after study has proven that lowering carbohydrates can improve your health rapidly. Not only will you lose weight but more importantly, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, potential for chronic disease and overall improve the quality of your life. Energy, wellness and even looking healthier amongst many other benefits are likely to occur quickly once you lower your carb levels. Our Plan A which is our long term sustainable and maintainable plan is all about small serves of carbs with 3 meals per day along with as many vegetables and salads as you wish. The protein intake is ongoing during your meals and your snacks. It’s not difficult to do, you just need to want to do it. Foods you should be eating plenty of include:

PROTEINS (FACT-Fill you up for longer)

  • Meats- chicken, turkey, pork, veal, lamb beef
  • Fish, eggs, sea foods
  • Whey Protein powders

VEGETABLES (FACT-Full of fibre and trace elements including phytochemicals)

  • Just about all vegetables excluding starch containing vegetables which are mainly potatoes and to a lesser extent sweet potatoes
  • Note that vegetables contain carbohydrates however most vegetables are quite low in carbohydrates with a majority of them containing high levels of fibre along with many other nutritional benefits


  • Carbs should be minimised but not eliminated. Rice, pasta, potatoes to name a few of the more common carbs.

Become nutrient savvy, eat smaller portions more often and don’t be afraid of snacking on the right foods

Too many carbs will make you tired, lethargic, overweight and lead to a number of health issues unless you are an athlete who burns excessive calories daily. Change the way you think and your’ eating habits will change along the way.

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