Fast Track Your Goals with this Meal Plan Option

Most of us are back from our festive season break and ready to get into routine. I have received overwhelming requests for a quick meal plan to help speed up weight loss. There are a number of reasons why this request has been common. After asking for feedback from some of you who made this initial request, I have found some of the reasons are personal, some require it for medical purposes and others just to keep motivated during the initial stages, which always seem to be the most challenging to tackle. I have explained in previous posts why eating real food 80% of the time is so important, and changing your habit is as important as changing your mindset in relation to food and health. Achieva is about much more than fast weight loss. In fact Achieva has been created to assist those who want a long term solution; those who are seeking a genuine sustainable and maintainable health and weight management plan to assist today, tomorrow and into the future, not just a quick fix. I have seen it time and time again; quick fixes DO NOT WORK LONG TERM. Any credible professional in this industry who really understands about health and well-being from a nutrition and human movement aspect (such a nutritionist or dietician) will confirm this (along with hundreds of science-based studies).
Though I do not agree at all with quick fixes, I have become so overwhelmed over the past 3 months with requests for this type of support that I really want to assist those who are ‘hell bent’ on a quick solution. I have reluctantly put together a very basic fast track meal plan. I really want to reiterate that this will not work long term and is dangerous to your health if you endeavour to stick to it over a long period of time (4+ months). There simply are not enough nutritional benefits in any fast track meal plan due to the lack of calories and nutrients. I encourage those really wanting a ‘quick fix’ to revert back to nutritional and health benefits that the long term Achieva eating plan encourages.


*Serving of Achieva Women’s Trimming And Toning Whey Protein Formula with a piece of fruit (kiwi fruit or pears as suggested are by far the best options due to the low levels of sugar and higher levels of fibre in these fruits). Place two scoops (1 serve) into a shaker cup and fill the cup with 150-200 ml of water and 5-10ml of macadamia or olive oil. Shake and drink.

*A protein bar is an ideal snack between meals to keep your metabolism active and assist with that feeling of satiety. A 30g Achieva trimming and toning protein bar is quick and convenient, low in sugar and high in protein with the benefits of chia and natural sweetener Stevia.

*Serving of Achieva protein powder once again. You may use milk on this occasion (150 ml low fat if you are going to do this) however I would suggest you stick with the healthy fats (oils) I have suggested for breakfast.

*Achieva zero added sugar chocolate with a piece of fruit. Convenient and quick, this snack is also suggested in the Achieva long term meal plan as a sweet treat with the added benefit of extra protein which is in both variants (plain chocolate and chocmint).

*Serving of lean meat 150-200gms cooked. This could include but not exclusive to, chicken, beef, pork, lean lamb, turkey or fish. PLUS either half a cup of steamed/boiled rice OR 1 x medium sized potato OR 1 x large sweet potato. PLUS a salad with red wine vinegar and a touch of olive oil. You can also have unlimited vegetables excluding corn, beans or potatoes. I greatly encourage you to have the vegetables, and if you cannot eat both the salad and the vegetables, the vegetables are my first pick.

Snack (optional):
*1 carrot or celery stick with 40gm of hummus or tzatziki dip.

You know my thoughts here so I don’t want to sound like a broken record however I just want to add this. The calories in this fast track meal are comparatively lower to eating 3 meals and having 2-3 snacks per day however this is compromised by the fact that the impact on your nutritional, energy and metabolic levels (including your overall health and well-being) means that it is not sustainable over the long term. It should therefore only be used as a short term plan.

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