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Achieva Megaslim Plus+


  • All natural plant based
  • 3000mg Green Tea extract with 7500mg synephrine per serve
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase energy
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Product Description

Achieva Megaslim Plus+ is a naturally based product with all active ingredients being derived from plants. This potent combination of Green Tea Extract (3000mg per 5ml serve), along with Citrus Aurantium (7500mg per 5ml serve), is taken in a 5ml serve once per day. With such high amounts of active ingredients, Achieva Megaslim Plus+ has been designed to effectively assist energy levels, slightly warm up the body’s core temperature and assist with appetite control/suppression.

Achieva Megaslim Plus+ can be taken first thing in the morning with breakfast, or if exercising, 5-15minutes prior to exercise. By slightly increasing the body’s core temperature, Achieva Megaslim Plus+ encourages the body to burn calories via thermogenesis.

For an extra boost, use Achieva Megaslim Plus+ just prior to exercise to tap into the thermogenic effect and thereby allow the body to burn more calories than is possible without taking Achieva Megaslim Plus+.

  • Assists with weight loss
  • All natural plant-based active ingredients
  • Key ingredients: Syneprhine (derived from Citrus Aurantium) (7500mg per 5ml),Green Tea Extract (3000mg per 5ml)
  • Strong anti-oxidant with energy enhancement
  • Effective thermogenic which allows for longer and more sustained activity

TIP: This product is best suited for trimming, toning and enhanced energy. Being in liquid form is advantageous; absorption up to 9 times quicker than a tablet which allows the product to be taken just 5 minutes prior to working out. If 5mls is too strong try 2ml or 3ml. You can also mix your Achieva Megaslim Plus in your water bottle for consumption during your workout.

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Achieva Megaslim Plus 200ml


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Home of the Best Supplements in Australia – Shop Here Now!