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MegaMass Forte


Next Generation Supplements

  • High Potency Tribulus  (AUSTL:159143)
  • Helps support/enhance sexual function and libido for males and females
  • Increase performance and endurance
  • Highest quality steroidal saponins
  • 336mg of saponin per capsule
  • Each capsule contains dry concentrate root/fruit equal to 42grams
  • Aids assists or helps in the maintenance or improvement of general well being
  • 60 day supply (refer to dosage)
  • Supports Testosterone and Libido
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Product Description

  • Megamass Forte is currently the highest strength tribulus capsule on the market that is standardised. The word ‘standardised’ in this sense relates to the efficacy and accuracy of active ingredients in each and every capsule.
  • Megamass Forte has many and varied benefits which the user may feel to varying degrees.
  • Dosages listed below are variable and dependent on age and response. Refer to product label for further information


  • 60 Capsules

TIP: This product is best suited for individuals wanting to increase their feeling of well being, increase libido function, strength and endurance. For those seeking lean tissue and extra strength enhancement combine MEGAMASS FORTE with ZMA Active.

Nutritional Information

Active Ingredients

Each capsule contains:
Tribulus terrestris exract dry concentrate equivelant root/fruit –  42gms.
Equivelant saponins – 336mg


Males < 25 years of age1 Capsule daily initially (refer to package)
Males > 25 years of age1 Capsule daily
Females1 Capsule every other day

Males must not exceed two bottles without first having a 4 week break, prior to recommencing.
Females should not exceed 1 bottle before having a 4 week break, prior to recommencing.
Tablets should be taken one at a time, and spread out during the day with or without food. Males should not exceed
3 capsules daily. Females should not exceed 2 capsules daily

Questions & Facts

MegaMass Forte Facts

Q. What exactly is MEGAMASS FORTE?

A. MEGAMASS FORTE is one of Next Generation Supplements most potent products. It is high strength Tribulus in capsule form.

Q. What is tribulus and how does it work?

A. Tribulus terrestris (also known as devil’s weed, devil’s-thorn and punture vine) is an important plant used in traditional Arabic and Chinese medicine. Different parts of the tribulus plant are used to treat a variety of conditions and the whole plant is grown in tropical and moderate climates around the world. Protodioscin (Saponin) is considered the chief constituent responsible for the plants effects on libido and sexual functioning. This is caused by the saponins effect on nitric oxide release coupled with an increases of androgenic status (testosterone/DHEA).

Q. I heard from a friend that tribulus can also be used to increase libido, is this true?

A. Tribulus has been used by Bulgarian people as a libido enhancer for years. MEGAMASS FORTE capsules are currently the strongest (most potent in active ingredient, saponin/protodioscin) tribulus capsules on the market. They have 336mg. of saponin per capsule and not only may they increase libido but tribulus has also been reported to increase the liver function capabilities whilst also acting as an effective diuretic.

Q. How can MEGAMASS FORTE help my workouts?

A. The active ingredients in MEGAMASS FORTE have been shown to increase the users androgenic status and nitric oxide release. Better ciculation, increase in strength and lean tissue with less water retention are all indicators of the results that MEGAMASS FORTE can assist with. Increased  motivation, feeling of well being and an increase in strength is most likely the reason for MEGAMASS FORTE being the athletes choice of supplementation however, you do not have to be an athlete to benefit from MEGAMASS FORTE.

TIP: Tribulus has been used historically by a number of cultures for a number of different conditions. For example tribulus has been used as a diuretic, a mood-enhancer, libido enhancer, anti-inflammatory, and for a variety of kidney, liver and cardiovascular disease. For individuals using MEGAMASS FORTE that are under 25 years of age it is recommended that they take 1 capsule daily. Due to hormone deterioration after the age of 25 it is then recommended that users take 2-3 tablets daily and not exceed 4 tablets per day. This will ensure best results. As just mentioned, dosages for MEGAMASS FORTE  and in fact any tribulus is actually individual and age related.


  1. Jessica

    Great product, I noticed the difference straight away.

  2. arie

    This worked well but i had to take 2 a day. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. Even my partner noticed the difference

  3. Ben

    I have used tribulus before and was sceptical but I got one anyway. Definitely works but I wish it was just a little cheaper. Other ones I have used on the past literally didn’t do a thing. Overall I’m pretty happy with this and have just ordered another bottle

  4. Peter

    Best tribulus i have ever used. I am having a break as recommended on the pack but i am starting another course soon.

  5. Jeremy


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Home of the Best Supplements in Australia – Shop Here Now!