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Megaslim Plus


  • All natural plant based
  • 3000mg Green Tea extract with 7500mg synephrine per serve
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase energy
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Product Description

  • Megaslim Plus

  • Assists with weight loss
  • All natural plant-based active ingredients
  • Key ingredients: Syneprhine (derived from Citrus Aurantium) (7500mg per 5ml), Green Tea Extract (3000mg per 5ml)
  • Strong anti-oxidant with energy enhancement
  • Effective thermogenic which allows for longer and more sustained activity
  • Suitable for both genders

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • 200ml Bottle
  • 500ml Bottle

TIP: This product is best suited for trimming, toning and enhanced energy. Being in liquid form is advantageous; absorption up to 9 times quicker than a tablet which allows the product to be taken just 5 minutes prior to working out. If 5mls is too strong try 2ml or 3ml. You can also mix your Megaslim Plus in your water bottle for consumption during your workout.

Active Ingredients: Each mL contains:

Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange)
ext equiv. fruit dry                                                 1.5g (1500mg)
equiv. Oxedrine (Synephrine)                                                6mg
Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) ext equiv. leaf dry                600mg

Body weight up to 75kgs: 2-4mL
Body weight above 75kg: 3-5mL
Does not need to be refrigerated. Recommended serving is once per day either in the morning
with breakfast or 5-15 minutes prior to working out. Megaslim Plus should be taken
with a small amount of food.

Additional information


Mega slim Plus, Megaslim Plus (200ml (40 DAY + SUPPLY), Megaslim Plus (500ml (100DAY + SUPPLY)

Questions & Facts

Mega Slim Plus Facts

Q. There are quite a few fat burners on the market, what makes Megaslim Plus different?

A. MEGASLIM Plus is unlike any other fat burner on the Australian market and the reason is simple. MEGASLIM Plus contains 3000mg. of green tea per 5 mls. in liquid form for quick acting effects. MEGASLIM Plus does not have any added caffeine which alone makes it stand out as a premium fat burner for two main reasons. Most thermogenics that have added caffeine in them act as a diuretic which means that by taking a thermogenic (fat burner) with added caffeine your body will flush out nutrients which may leave you nutrient deficient with more probability of becoming ill. Not to mention allot of these products have a dosage accumulative requirement which means that you have to take more tablets and/or more fluid even as the body adapts. This not only leaves your purse/wallet empty but also means that you have to remember to take the product numerous times a day. As your body adapts to the product this means that you may not be gaining any results after a short amount of time. MEGASLIM Plus only has to be taken once just prior to working out. The body does not adapt to MEGASLIM Plus quickly and people who have been through an entire 500ml. bottle (which lasts for over 3 months) of MEGASLIM Plus report the energy and fat burning results to still exist.

Q. I’ve tried Megaslim Plus and the results are great but it tastes awful, is there anyway I can get it to taste better?

A. Unfortunately green tea in these amounts combined with bitter orange (synephrine being the active ingredient here) does have a strong after taste. There are a couple of things you can do to make the taste less of a focus point. Firstly be assured, the results will far be remember long after the taste is forgotten. Taste is 60-70% smell which means if you pinch your nose whilst taking your 5 mls. dose the taste will not be as strong. Having a sip of water immediately after taking the MEGASLIM will make the after taste dissipate quickly, and finally you could purchase a dropper from the chemist and drop the MEGASLIM straight down your throat which means you most likely will not taste it (surpassing your taste buds) at all and you can also be assured that with a measuring dropper or syringe you will get the exact dose required every time, taking the guessing game out of the equation.

Q. Don’t some other fat burners have green tea in them and couldn’t I get the same results by just drinking green tea?

A. There are a couple of other products on the market that have green tea in them however not in liquid form (liquid form is far quicker acting), not with 3000mg.of green tea concentrate per 5ml. and not combined with high doses of Synephrine. A 5ml serve of Megaslim Plus is equal to 3-4 cups of green tea however green tea extract alone is not the protagonist in this formula. The combination of the Synephrine derived from the bitter orange along with the green tea concentrate is what really sets Megaslim Plus aside as a premium product.

Q. Can Megaslim Plus work if I don’t train?

A. Yes it can. If you wanted to try MEGASLIM Plus and are unable to train, it should be taken first thing in the morning. The recommended dosage here is 5mls. in the morning with breakfast. Megaslim Plus is designed to ‘Assist with weight loss,’ ‘Boost metabolism’ and ‘Increase energy.’ Primarily Megaslim Plus should be utilised in conjunction with an energy controlled diet, physical activity and consultation from a healthcare practitioner. All of these combined will assist in further enhancing the results gained from using Megaslim Plus.

TIP: DO NOT TAKE MEGASLIM PLUS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. The concentrate of green tea in MEGASLIM PLUS is strong and must be taken with a small amount of food especially if taken in the morning. MEGASLIM PLUS is recommended for use by both genders and if you want extra energy and a thermogenic effect you should take it just prior to working out. Whilst it is most effective when taken prior to cardio -vascular activity it has also been reported to work for individuals who want to take it only before resistance training (weight training).Please read label carefully and if unsure as to how you will be effected by Megaslim it is advised that you start off with a 2ml. dose building up to a 5ml. dose. Megaslim Plus does not need to be refrigerated.


  1. Stephanie

    Love it! Gives me instant energy and makes me feel less hungry plus gives me an extra boost before my workouts.

  2. Courtney

    What an amazing product mega slim is. An instant bust or energy, to push through my workouts … Best thermogenic in my eyes.

  3. Paul

    Really helps wth my energy levels before my cardio and can feel it working as soon as I take it. Very effective…

  4. Marie

    Very fast delivery, great product.

  5. Hollea

    LOVE this product. Instant energy, NO crash, natural product that is more than just a thermogenic… it is green tea based so it helps me in other ways also.
    Thanks Guys!! LOVE it.

  6. Georgia

    Feeling good, perspiring during my workouts and going to the loo more regularly. Don’t feel shaky or uncomfortable. Early days yet so time will tell

  7. Penny

    Something that actually works. I take this before my workouts and the energy is awesome. I can really feel this working

  8. Analiese

    My energy has definitely increased … I have been eating better but i find this product is doing its trick

  9. Jerry

    Works pritty good👍

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