Lisa Petersen – Fitness Professional & Fitness Model

My top 3 Next Generation Supplements:

Achieva Protein Powder

Absolutely LOVE this versatile product, so much so it sits on my kitchen bench! I use it everyday and mix it up by making healthy, homemade recipes like protein oats, protein pancakes, choc avocado mousse or even protein ice-cream. Having an AMAZING tasting protein powder makes sticking to your weight loss & fitness goals easy!


This is another favourite and stable of mine in the morning and post workout to ensure an adequate recovery! I also love the gut healing effects of this product and the gentleness on my GI tract.


I would have these as an essential when dieting or trying to get in your best shape! When prepping for a show or photoshoot there is no denying that your calories need to be cut short term for that goal or target. When calories get cut I find myself looking for something ‘more’. I include BCAA’s in my water bottle during a workout to ensure I’m not losing vital lean muscle mass and I also like to freeze up a batch of BCAA icy poles for when you just ‘need something’ without the calories, sugar or guilt.

Joel ‘CamaKO’ Camillieri – Professional Boxing Champ

My favourite Next Gen products:

Hydro-Iso whey protein

Refuel BCAAs

Megamass Forte Testosterone capsules

ZMA Active

Courtney Amelia – 1st Place WFF Miss International 2013
WFF Miss Conquest Classic 2013

My top 3 Next Generation Supplements:

Hydro-ISO Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

I use Hydro-ISO immediately after training for rapid recovery because of its mixture of peptides and free amino acids for enhanced nutritional and functional benefits. It not only tastes great but is low in carbs, sugar and fat while being high in protein.


LOVE the entire Achieva range: Women’s trimming and toning protein shakes and bars, and of course the delicious Reward Zero Added sugar chocolate! All of these are ultra low carb with the bonus of being sweetened with Stevia.


I use Re-Fuel prior, intra and post workout for ultimate recovery. This product plays a very important role in the repair and growth of muscle tissue when doing strenuous training. Re-Fuel is also low in sugar and tastes great. I also use BCAA’S as a nice refreshing drink. The great flavours help stop any sugar cravings I might get.
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Naz Alessandrino – World Fitness Federation (WFF) Champion

My Top 3 NGS Products:

Hydro Iso

I love this protein for the quality and taste and low calories. Great for fast absorption after training.

BCCAs Re Fuel

Contains both BCAAs and EAAs and is very low in sugar which is perfect for a good diet.

Megamass Forte

Highest quality and strongest potency allows me to get the best results.

Wayne Wilson – World Fitness Federation (WFF Champion)

My top Next Generation products are:

Hydro-Iso Protein

I use Hydro-Iso Protein in my eating plan as it’s a great way for me to meet my protein requirements.


Creatine has been proven to enhance performance and I include this when I get ready for my major competitions.

Thomay Michaltsis – Masters Cycling Champion

My top 3 favourite products:

– Megapro
– Megamass Forte
– Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Megapro, Megamass Forte and ALC are a part of my daily routine. I found this to be the perfect combination to assist with endurance, energy and recovery.

Darren Rodgers – Cycling Champion

My top 3 supplements:

Megamass Forte

Is a major part of my daily supplement routine. Megamass keeps my muscles fueled and helps me back up every effort on and off the bike.

ZMA Capsules

Perfect for the delay in muscle fatigue and cramps during races, and it complements the benefits of Megamass when combined.


Great before racing/training. After a long day at work it assists me to find the motivation and energy boost to be at my best.

Kamal Singh Kahma – World Fitness Federation (WFF) Champion

My favourite Next Generation products are:

Hydro-Iso and Megapro

I use these regularly as the taste and quality are excellent.

Chris Lovett – Personal Trainer

My top 3 favourite NGS products:


This is my ‘can’t live without’ supplement. I use it in smoothies for breakfast and straight after training with water. I also use it as a casein before bed by simply adding almond milk.


It’s another must have for me during competition prep. Being a naturally lean person I find NGS PURE GLUTAMINE helps prevent losing muscle while dieting for a show by taking at least 2 servings per day.


The ACHIEVA range of protein bars have become my guilt-free treat all year round, especially the cherry flavour.

Jessica Lena Gray – Australian Para Bench Press Athlete

My most favorite products would have to be:

Mega Mass Forte Tribulus
Hydro-Iso vanilla – absolutely delicious
Pure Creatine

Eddy – NGS Managing Director

Eddy has been involved in the health and fitness industry for nearly 30 years. He specialises in nutrition, supplements and sports performance. He is also an accredited athletic physique judge at state and national level.
Titles include:
9 x State Athletic Physique titles
6 x National Athletic Physique titles
5 x top 6 in the world; Germany, Greece, Austria. Best ranking at World Titles 2nd place

  • 1999 Victoria INBA state champion Victoria and overall winner (Camberwell)
  • 2004 Victoria State Athletic Physique Champion and overall champion WFF (Preston)
  • 2004 Southern Hemisphere Athletic Physique champion and overall winner WFF (Gold Coast)
  • 2004 Universe Titles Superbody division, 5th place WFF (Germany)
  • 2005 Victoria State Athletic Physique Champion and overall winner WFF (Preston)
  • 2005 Australian Athletic Physique Champion and overall winner (Melbourne)
  • 2008 Victoria State Athletic Physique Champion, Preston
  • 2008 Universe Titles Athletic Physique, runner up 2nd place (Germany)
  • 2013 Masters (Over 40 yo) NABBA Victorian Champion (Preston)
  • 2013 Masters NABBA Australian Champion (Newcastle)
  • 2013 Universe Titles (over 35 yo division) 5th place (Greece)