What do Next Generation clients say?


I have been using next generation for over 2 years and love the taste of their Hydro ISO protein. I also feel a change in my shape since the use of next generations Megaslim plus, it has increased my daily energy and also has assisted me with weight loss. Combined with there great tasting refuel branch chain amino acids which has helped give me extra energy during my workout and recovery after … Thanks next generation keep up the great products .. providing outstanding results …*

John vellios – Reservoir

I’ve been using next generation supplements for years. Have a great range of supplements for all your dietary needs. Pre workout; high quality amino acids and protein powders. Made in Australia as opposed to the over priced American products. *


I have been using Next Gen for quite a few years. I especially like Hydro Iso and Re-fuel as they both supplement my training and nutrition perfectly. I recommend Next Gen to everyone, they are a brand that can be trusted to deliver a top quality product. *

Saverina Colosimo: Reservoir

“Being a personal trainer and athlete I know the importance that supplements can have in day to day life for general health & well being and for athletes looking to find that extra edge to achieve their goals. I’ve been using Next Generation Supplements myself for 5 years and distributing them to clients and athletes for the 4 years. I couldn’t be happier with the results that both myself and clients have been able to achieve through including the Next Generation Supplement Range into there program’s. Thanks to Eddy & the Next Generation team for your ongoing support, knowledge & commitment to providing the best Australian made supplements” *

Currumbin Huscarls – Australian Open Men’s Bronze Medalists
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I’ve tried several other brands of protein shakes and bars and had almost given up on buying any more as they all tasted the same – fake and tasteless, particularly the bars which were like eating cardboard. I am happy to say that your products really stand out from the others. Not only are they a much healthier option due to the Stevia instead of sugar, but they are also great tasting. So happy I discovered them. *


In January 2013 I started to shred the excess 65 kg I was carrying and within the first 20 was introduced to the next generation mega low balls they have been my savour and now 12 months after achieving my goal weight my daily treat is the amazing Achieva chocolate and helps keep me away from my weakness SUGAR Thank you x *


I was weighing 120 kg 15 months ago and wanted to do something with my weight, my cholesterol was at 11 and my sugar levels were at high 5’s and so I started to look at ways of becoming healthy and researched how to lose weight and keep it off and I came across the next generation products that were recommended to me and have been religiously using your supplements from day one and have found them not only to helpful but also very delicious. I use your products multiple times daily with breakfast and snacks as well as after workouts and am thrilled with the results they have helped me to achieve in my weight loss and the sculpting of my body. *


*Disclaimer: Results of Next Generation Supplements may vary from individual to individual. All testimonials are based the on the personal experiences of each user, your experience may differ.