Monthly Archives: June 2015

Is WHEY protein powder superior to other protein sources?

Protein is the building block for all that is living. The human body requires protein for over 1000 different activities, most of which are for revitalisation of tissue, enzymes and fluid including all bodily functions. Protein is absolutely the most essential macronutrient required by the human body. Most proteins sources have an element of fat which […]

What beverages are best and why? This will get you thinking!

Many so called ‘healthy beverages’ are high in sugar. When we take a closer look at fruit juices for example, as previously mentioned, I just would not recommend them. As far as eating fruit is concerned, if you are concentrating on getting to a healthy weight range and improving your general well-being I would recommend […]

Before you consider purchasing supplements ask yourself these key questions.

Most people know exactly what it is they want to achieve as far as their health and fitness goals are concerned. Ensuring they are training correctly, taking the right supplements and eating according to their target goals can sometimes be a little more challenging to work out. With so many and varied supplements on the […]

Carbs! What you may not know about carbs, and how to avoid eating excessive amounts.

If you have downloaded the Achieva  weight management plan you will have already noted that the focus in the Achieva plan is on lowering your carb intake and significantly lowering your sugar levels. Accompanied by the increase in protein with fibre not be neglected (Hence the plan encourages an abundance of salads and vegetables). The […]