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Fitness, Overtraining and Exhaustion: The Importance of Applying Down Time or Breaks in Your Routine

Fitness Overtraining & Exhaustion

I’ve been training for 34 years whilst training others for over 25 of those years. Without some down time or intermittent breaks during my exercise regimes over the years, it’s highly probable and likely that I wouldn’t be exercising today. I’ve also advocated this method to others that I’ve trained and the outcome speaks for […]

Strategies to Assist with Your Health and Fitness Goals in 2020

Strategies to assist with health and fitness goals

So the festive season is upon us yet again! If you’re thinking is similar to mine, then the year has once again flown by, and you either have or have not achieved your personal health, wellbeing and fitness goals. If you have, then kudos to you; you deserve to be grateful and thankful for the […]