Become An Expert With These Top 5 Important Facts About Whey Protein

One of the most sought after and used supplements, Whey Protein, contains substantial benefits when consumed. Many people still seem to be a little confused about Whey Protein and exactly which protein is suited to them. Generally speaking, protein derived from whey is of high quality and can be absorbed rapidly and efficiently by the body allowing it to do its thing; it’s quickly absorbed and contributes to recovery and lean tissue gains.
There are a number of facts about whey protein that not everyone is aware of. Here are the top 5:

  1. Whey protein is derived from the watery portion of milk which is separated in the cheese making process. Some may argue that whey is in fact a by-product and I would agree, however this ‘by-product’ is highly nutritious and of great importance for human consumption. Whey protein is fast becoming a staple commodity in today’s society.
  1.  Whey protein, unlike many other proteins (Pea protein or rice protein to name a couple), contains all 9 essential amino acids (in sufficient portions) required by the body to repair muscle/lean tissue. Essential amino acids are so-named because they cannot be produced by the body unlike the remaining 13 other ‘non-essential amino acids’. These essential amino acids are collectively also referred to as ‘complete protein’.
  1. There is no other food or supplement that allows the body to absorb protein, break it down and utilise protein as efficiently, effectively or as fast as whey. There simply is not another food/supplement that modern science is aware of that is as competent as Whey protein when it comes to nourishing our bodies with one of the 3 macro-nutrients we require for continuous survival – PROTEIN


  1. Whey Protein has been used by athletes from all backgrounds for over 40 years. Consistent studies, research and development of whey protein has provided us with all the facts based on scientific studies and  anecdotal evidence.  Recent research and studies have proven whey protein to be of as much benefit to the elderly and the generic population (untrained individuals) as it is for trained athletes. There is no substitute for healthy nutrients in the form of food, however,  Whey is one of, if not the very best supplement/substitute for protein intake.
  1. Whey protein does not only assist in the repair of lean tissue/muscle, it also provides our bodies with the correct nutrients to support 100s of other bodily functions and chemical reactions contributing to metabolism – weight loss, hormone regulation and some disease fighting properties to name a few.

From the young to the elderly and for nearly half a century now, this superfood/supplement has been used by many, of all backgrounds. With little to no side effects and greater benefits then most understand, Whey Protein is not always accepted or understand for the benefits it actually provides. Have you tried whey protein?

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