How fast should you expect to lose weight?

I trust most of you had some time off during the festive season. It’s not difficult to gain a little weight during the festive season, temporarily pressing the pause button on your health and fitness goals. If this was the case for you, don’t despair. The beginning of 2015 can be a fresh start and everything else is history!!

For many there seems to be much confusion over the time frame weight loss is meant to be achieved. Though weight loss should only be part of your goals, health and wellbeing along with physical and emotional transformation should all be a consideration and I strongly encourage you to consider these important points. 

For those that require a standard or are searching for a clear outline, this should be of assistance:

  1. Healthy and sustainable weight loss is generally in the vicinity of 1-2kgs a week (2.2lbs-4.4lbs). 
  1. Generally the more excess weight you are carrying the more weight you will lose in the interim however weight loss will stabilise as you continue to lose weight. 
  1. Resistance training helps to raise your metabolic rate even at rest so if you’re performing any sort of resistance training (which I strongly encourage), pure weight loss may take slightly longer as your body shape changes. Overall body transformation is more important to your health and weight loss goals long term and also provides more pleasing aesthetics. 
  1. Expect to lose more weight in your first 2-3 weeks. Much of this weight loss (but not all) will mainly be due to water retention. 
  1. Eliminating your sugar intake or consuming much less sugar will speed your results up significantly. 
  1. The following variables will all play a part- Your age, gender, current weight, nutritional intake and lean muscle tone that already exists on your frame. 

Remember we are all individual and unique. Losing too much weight too quickly will have the opposite effect and I have seen this occur on many occasions. Losing too much weight too quickly generally leads to a weight gain rebound, loss of energy, strength and performance. This is simply not sustainable over the long term. If you aim to lose 10kgs in 8-10 weeks, as a general rule you are on the right track.

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